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Video Application Instructions

Bill Gentry
Associate Scout - St. Louis Cardinals
"The Coast to Coast Baseball showcase event in Florida was a first class affair, the finest instructors matched with the finest facilities, working with dedicated players and their families. Future stars were taught breakthrough techniques and time proven methods that would allow them to step-up and compete with confidence."
Before submitting your application video, make sure that it meets the requirements below.
  1. Your video should not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  2. Your video should show you in the following skill areas:

Hitting - cage or tee work (20 reps)
Fielding - take reps at your primary position only (10-15 reps)
Throwing  - take reps at your primary position only (10-15 reps)
Running - home plate to first base or a clearly marked 60 yards (2 reps)

*Shoot the video in a practice setting.  Do not attempt to get game footage. It's too difficult to get useful shots.  Use your local field, gym (if it's too cold), or a batting cage. 
**If your primary position is pitcher, submit your mound work in place of the throwing section above.

We would like to see you throw the equivalent of two innings worth of work (25-30 pitches), half from the wind-up and half from the stretch. 

We recommend recording this segment from behind the pitcher's mound.

  1. If submitting a YouTube video link via email, be sure to include your name, graduation year, position, address and phone number in your message. The following is an example of what your subject line should look like: Joe Smith's Highlights (2017 Grad).
  2. If sending a DVD, use a sticker to label it with your name, graduation year, position, address and phone number.  Be sure to include a video title. It should look like this: Joe Smith's Highlights (2017 Grad).
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